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More about the product

WHY should I use BABACO?

In the focus our constant research and development is the healthy growth of spine of the baby and the protection of the parent’s joints of the shoulders, spine, and back. Use it in situations where you can’t or do not want to use a baby carriage, for example for walks, playground, shopping or going to the doctor’s, for running errands, going to the nature, home activities, for putting the baby to sleep, etc…

Why is Babaco good?

  • You can use it anywhere
  • It is safe
  • It is healthy
  • It is very comfortable
  • You can put it on and off in one easy step
  • It props the weight of the baby from under
  • No weight on the shoulders, back and spine
  • Can be accounted for as healthcare product
  • Official therapeutic tool
  • Can be used for babies between the ages of 6 months to 3 years
  • 100% cotton
  • 3 years guarantee
  • 14 days refund policy
  • Hungarian product
  • Available in 8 fashionable colors
  • It can be used in a sitting or laying position

Choose lightness and health, choose BabaCo®!

BabaCo® is not only comfortable for the baby, but it literally lifts weight off the parent’s shoulders. The illustration on the left shows that in case of using BabaCo® hip seat carrier, it is way easier to maintain a straight posture.

BabaCo® Csípőülőke

A BabaCo® Csípőülőkével 13 éve segítünk a kisgyermekes családoknak a lehető legnagyobb mértékben megkönnyíteni a mindennapjait, mely nagy öröm számunkra! Folyamatos fejlesztéseink fókuszában a baba egészséges gerincének a fejlődése és a szülők váll, -hát, -gerinc izületeinek kímélése áll.



Telefon: +36 20 2 279 268

2627 Zebegény, Szőnyi István u. 9

Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – Minden jog fenntartva!

Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – Minden jog fenntartva!

BabaCo® hip seat carrier

For 13 years our aim is to help making easier the everyday life of mothers and fathers with BabaCo® hip seat carrier. In the focus of our constant research is the proper development of the baby’s spine.



Phone: +36 20 2 279 268

9 István Szőnyi street
Zebegény Hungary 2627


Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – All Right Reserved!

Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – All Right Reserved!