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Health experts about babaco

Dr. György Bakanek

Obstetrist, gynaecologist

According to my experience and the reviews of my patients, BabaCo® hip seat carrier is the only baby carrier, which supports the whole wight of the baby, while it eases the weight on the back, the shoulders, the hip and the spine of the parent.

I recommend BabaCo to all parents who carry their children for longer-or even shorter time periods, because during this activity the hip is pushed to one side of the body, therefore, the weight is uneven, and it is harmful to the joints of the shoulder, the spine, and the hip, as well as to the back, which is forced to stay in „S” shape, which can lead to deformation, bad posture and eventually pain.

To ease the weight on the shoulders, the spine and the joints BabaCo® is the solution.

I highly recommend it to babies who weigh a bit more, or after the age of 6 months.

BabaCo® is comfortable as well for the babies, because they can move freely while being close to the parent. The surface of the seat tilts a bit downward (not like on any other carrier seats), therefore, the baby is forced to sit in a straight position.

It could be a big help for grandparents as well, whose joints and muscles are not used to the forever-growing weight of the baby.


Andrea Kovács

DSGM physiotherapist
Leader of Mackórendelő

As a physiotherapist I can state that BabaCo® hip seat carrier provides a proper posture for the baby and the parent as well.

The parents, if they lift the child without BabaCo®, they must move their hip to one side, which makes the whole body asymmetric. On the side where the child is, the vertebra is compressed, while on the other side it splits apart, which can eventually cause pain for the parent.

With the help of BabaCo® in a more symmetric posture, the weight on the spine is more even and was less arm work is needed.

If the babies are spending much time on the parent’s lap, their hip can tip forward and the lumbar area can sink down.

I recommend BabaCo® as a physiotherapist for the following reasons:

  • For parents who have back pain
  • For parents who want to avoid back problems
  • For heavy-weighted babies
  • For babies who are a behind on movement development, after the age of 9 months
  • For physically disabled children even until the age of 4 years old
  • For indecisive babies, who constantly aim to switch between being on the lap, on the floor, or walking
  • It is recommended for parents to wear BabaCo® on both sides and in the middle. This is way easier, than carrying the child on the unusual left or right arm.

On special examinations, we offer different positions for the parents using BabaCo®.

BabaCo® Csípőülőke

A BabaCo® Csípőülőkével 13 éve segítünk a kisgyermekes családoknak a lehető legnagyobb mértékben megkönnyíteni a mindennapjait, mely nagy öröm számunkra! Folyamatos fejlesztéseink fókuszában a baba egészséges gerincének a fejlődése és a szülők váll, -hát, -gerinc izületeinek kímélése áll.



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Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – Minden jog fenntartva!

Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – Minden jog fenntartva!

BabaCo® hip seat carrier

For 13 years our aim is to help making easier the everyday life of mothers and fathers with BabaCo® hip seat carrier. In the focus of our constant research is the proper development of the baby’s spine.



Phone: +36 20 2 279 268

9 István Szőnyi street
Zebegény Hungary 2627


Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – All Right Reserved!

Copyright © 2024 BabaCo® – All Right Reserved!